The Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling

The Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling is a Centre of Excellence supported financially by the Danish National Research Foundation.

The centre comprises a number of research groups at universities in Denmark, The Netherlands and New Zealand

Aims and ambitions
To understand interactions between cells and organisms by investigating the role of polysaccharides exposed on cell surfaces and secreted polysaccharide signal molecules


  • Determine structural requirements for recognition of complex polysaccharides and the role of ligand-receptor interactions in the relationships between different cells and organisms.
  • Identify novel carbohydrate signals and use bioinformatics to predict ligand binding-site recognition
  • Characterise downstream events involved in defence or symbiosis at both cellular and subcellular level

Biological systems

  • Legume plants, (Lotus japonicus) microsymbionts (rhizobia, mycorrhiza) and patogens
  • Zebrafish and patogens (Salmonella and M. marinum)

Disciplines, methods and tools
Chemical biology, bioinformatics, structural biology, molecular genetics, genomics and proteomics, advanced microscopy, bioorganic chemistry and nanobioscience tools.

CARB members - 26 August 2015

CARB staff and students - 26 August 2015

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